Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is not a one-off experience at Ƶ. At every year level from Kindergarten to Year 12, students are challenged to step outside and grow in new ways.  Life changing experiences and memories are created as students extend their learning into the great outdoors.

By virtue of students venturing outside of their comfort zone, the outdoor education programmes at RGS break down barriers, build resilience and enable students to build confidence in their abilities.”Mr Damian Boicos, Head of Outdoor Education

As an integral part of our curriculum, Outdoor Education provides an invaluable contribution to the life skills and wellbeing of our students. 

Through the opportunities that Outdoor Education provides, students emerge with improved communication, teamwork and leadership skills to prepare them for the next phase of their lives.

Ritamada - The Heart of Outdoor Education

The School’s beach-front outdoor education facility, Ritamada, is set on 76-acres along the glorious Capricorn Coast. Ritamada was generously gifted to the School by Mr Robert Mackay Brown in 1971. From this beginning, the Centre has evolved to form the backbone of the School’s Outdoor Education programme, taking students away from the routine of the classroom and extending their learning into the great outdoors.

Courses and activities ranging from challenging high ropes courses to sea kayaking are conducted within a challenge-by-choice philosophy and an atmosphere of encouragement, support and fun.

Students from Kindy to Year 12 have the opportunity to visit and explore Ritamada throughout the school year, either on day trips or overnight camps.

Discover Yourself. Discover the World.

Year 10 is a formative time when young adults seek to explore and challenge their boundaries. The RGS Year 10 Outdoor Education programme gives students the chance to do this by stepping outside the four walls of a classroom to explore the wider world and understand their place in it. Accompanied by our passionate staff, Year 10 students are given the opportunity to participate in environmental and community sustainability projects across the globe.

Programme options vary each year and may include New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Borneo, the Whitsunday’s and Carnarvon Gorge.

Students return from these experiences with increased confidence, new perspectives and armed with lifelong skills. Most importantly, this programme supports your child to engage in community service opportunities with the focus being on ‘others’ rather than ‘self.’

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